Bozeman Nerd Nite Event #1:

Date: 11-11-22

Time: 7PM-9PM

Location: The Crawford Theater @ The Emerson Center


— “Banned Books” by Grace Diekman

— “Female Hysteria: Leeches, Freud, and Vibrators” by Julia Kraimer

— “The Trials and Tribulations of Jury Shenanigans” by Jill Mellecker

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We are seeking speakers to talk about things that excite them! Things that they want to share with others! This can be anything from:

—An in-depth discussion on sci-fi or fantasy topics

—Strange facts about animals

—How to create the perfect grilled cheese to impress that special someone *wink wink*

—Or anything in between!

If there’s something you’d like to present on, contact us!