Nerd Nite is a monthly event where anyone can take the stage to speak about topics that fascinate, inspire, or excite them! Each month we’ll be seeking up to three presenters to share. Every event will be different and covering a wide variety of topics.

Is there an interest in your life or something you love to learn about that you want to share with others? Then Nerd Nite is for you!

Want to tell the world about the origin of Cheetos? Please do!

Is there a weird animal out there that absolutely fascinates you that no one else seems to know about? Tell us about it!

Do you have a theory about how Stranger Things will end? Illuminate us! (Because personally I’m dying to know)

Ideally, presentations will be 10-20 minutes long – plenty of time to share your passion for the topic of your choice! There will be drinks, food, friends, and a low pressure atmosphere.

Want to present? Head over to the Contact page!

Want to come learn about a wide variety of topics? Come to the event and bring your friends!